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fb go viral software

Fb go-viral is one of the most effective ad software tools that can help your brand or content to go viral on FB. It helps your brand reach up to 12M potential clients.
3-days free trial
No card blocking system. If the client decides to go for the paid version the service cost post the free trial would be ₹3500/Month.
A F F O R D A B L E:
It’s not a surprise that with over 8 million monthly active businesses that are using Facebook ads, the cost of advertising on Facebook is going up. Let’s say that one year ago, with $20.000 spent on your Facebook ads, you were able to reach around 10.000.000 people. Right now, with that money, you will barely reach 7.500.000 people. With Fb Go-viral you can reach 50,000- 10,000,000 (50K-10M) clients at just ₹3500/ Month.
As with any business, the key to a successful marketing message is knowing your audience. Fb Go-viral Targets your niche helping you target the right traction interested in your content /Product.
Reach up to 10M Clients Dig in and have fun!
*Note: this is genuine organic traction. No bot involved. This is why most of our clients also end up getting leads.